Guidelines for Request of Funds

The following information should be included in any application for funding from the Construction Industry Advancement Fund (CIAF) and/or the Fund for Construction Industry Advancement (FCIA):

1. Name of project with BRIEF description of its operation;

2. Names and addresses of proponents;

3. Names and addresses of persons directly responsible;

4. General outline providing:
     a. Purpose and value to the construction industry as a whole;
     b. Scope involved;
     c. Overall costs estimate and budget with percentage of amount requested from CIAF and/or FCIA.d. Financial control    procedures;
     e. Other sources of funding/income (and amounts), if applicable;

5. Proposed starting date;

6. Name and address of outside services, if required;

7. Supporting data, if available;

8. Methods and costs of publication of anticipated results;

9. Whether or not funds will be expended on direct lobbying, as it relates to the Federal definition; and, if so,
provide an approximate dollar amount and percentage of the total amount requested from CIAF and FCIA;

10. Include a detailed breakdown of salaries paid to consultants, administrators, managers, secretaries, etc.;

11. Provide an electronic pdf file of each grant application and budget by designated deadline date to

Grants by the CIAF of Southern California and the FCIA may not be commingled with any operating funds of the grantee or its proponents, nor shall any part of the grant be used for capital investment which would represent, in whole or in part, an asset of the grantee, or the use of which would inure to the grantee’s benefit for purposes other than those specified in the request.

Upon approval and subsequent funding of any grant, the Board of Trustees, or their appointed administrator, retain the right to request an itemized breakdown of expenditures at any time. Quarterly progress and financial reports must be submitted within thirty (30) days after the close of each quarterly period; and an annual report within thirty (30) days after the close of your fiscal year. Any surplus funds must be returned to the Construction Industry Advancement Fund of Southern California and the Fund for Construction Industry Advancement, unless instructions to the contrary have been obtained at the time of approval. All quarterly and annual reports are to be submitted electronically as a pdf file to

Approval of any specific grant does not imply a guarantee of additional funding or the funding of similar programs in the future. Each request must be supported by its’ own merits.